GovTech Internship Experience

After a conversation with the other GovTech interns about their experiences, I decided to consolidate a list of responses to our experience in GovTech.

From interns to interns

As most of the interns are ending their internship in August 2019, I decided to gather responses from different roles and teams (E.g. Software development, DevOps, Security, and Software Testing) to have a more holistic view of their internship experience in GovTech. I invited 9 other GovTech interns of 2019 to shed some light on their experiences in GovTech.

  • Jason and Samuel — Blockchain Developer Intern
  • Sandy — UI/UX Designer Intern
  • Wen Qing — Software Engineer Intern
  • Yingying — Quality Engineer Intern
  • Bernice — Cybersecurity Policy Development Intern
  • Glenice — Red Team Intern
  • Samantha — Cloud Infra Security Intern
  • Lye Jun — CTMO Intern

Summary of our internship experience

When asked about their biggest takeaway from this internship, many of the interns mentioned that they were able to understand how the government uses technology to solve problems.

Witnessing the process of how blockchain is being used to digitize physical certificates was an eye-opening experience.

Jason — Blockchain Developer Intern at Open Certs

They were also able to actively contribute to the development of a product through various roles by working with other GovTechies.

I was able to experience how a designer collaborate in a cross-functional Agile team with the help of my team.

Sandy — UI/UX Designer Intern at My Careers Future

Throughout the internship at GovTech, I was given the opportunity to work closely with the team. This provides me the chance to understand more about the life of a full-time GovTechie!

Glenice— Intern at Red Team

People!! I loved how the people I have met in GovTech all have different perspectives, coming from different schools and from all different walks of life. Internship was really an eye-opening experience for me in this sense.

Samantha — Intern at Cloud Infra Security

The second question was to share any skills or the tools that they were exposed to during their internship with GovTech. Many of the interns were excited to share about new skills that they have learned as well as getting their hands dirty on tools such as Kubernetes, React JS and Appium Library.

Throughout my internship I had practical exposure to the powerful process of Infrastructure as Code, High Availability Deployments and Container management with Kubernetes and even developed a serverless web application for user management.

Russell — DevOps Engineer Intern at SHIP

I picked up a new language, learnt to use Git (properly), and to name a few — React, React Native, Redux-Saga, integration and unit testing. I was also introduced to real-life applications of Blockchain technology.

Samuel — Blockchain Developer Intern at Open Certs

I worked with Android Debug Bridge and Appium library for running the scripts on mobile devices. To write the tests, I’ve learnt to use robot framework which is surprisingly easy to understand and write due to the use of keyword driven approach.

Wen Qing — Software Engineer Intern at HATS

Besides technical skills, many interns got to improve their communication skills while working with various stakeholders.

I learnt how to think in the perspective of the different stakeholders. While it is not a new skill, I got to reinforce the importance of communication. What you think something is, may not be what it intended to be. Thus, it is really important to always communicate with the stakeholders to align the goals and requirements.

Bernice— Intern at Cybersecurity Policy Development

To wrap up the sharing of their internship in GovTech, I asked them if there was anything that they would like to share with future interns of GovTech.

Don’t be afraid if you’re a blank sheet with no experience and just have knowledge from school modules only. Come with a willing heart to learn.

Lye Jun — Intern at CTMO

It’s okay to feel intimidated, especially when part of the interview consists of a technical assessment. Just take that leap to try things out! Just know that It’s okay, even if you have to try again no matter how many times! Let your merits shine through :D

Bernice — Intern at Cybersecurity Policy Development

Government Digital Services (GDS)

Full list of responses from GDS Interns

Russell (DevOps Engineer Intern, Secure Hybrid Integrated Pipeline)

  1. Biggest Takeaway

Jason (Blockchain Developer Intern, Open Certs)

  1. Biggest Takeaway

Samuel (Blockchain Developer Intern, Open Certs)

  1. Biggest takeaway

Sandy (UI/UX Designer Intern, My Careers Future)

  1. Biggest Takeaway

Wen Qing (Intern, Hive Agile Testing Solutions)

  1. Biggest Takeaway

Yingying (Quality Engineer Intern, Hive Agile Testing Solutions)

  1. Biggest Takeaway

Cyber Security Group (CSG)

Full list of responses from CSG Interns

Bernice (Intern, Cybersecurity Policy Development)

1. Biggest Takeaway

Glenice (Intern, Red Team)

  1. Biggest Takeaway

Samantha (Intern, Cloud Infra Security)

  1. Biggest Takeaway

Clusters & Technology Management Office (CTMO)

Response from CTMO intern

Lye Jun (Intern)

  1. Biggest Takeaway

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