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What is Kantu?

My Personal Review of HPAIR 2021

1. Application Process

  • Applied on 9th Jan 2021 on HPAIR website as a Gold Tier Delegate
  • Received my email acceptance to the program on 11th Jan 2021

2. Accessing the conference

There were 2 ways of accessing different keynotes and seminars. Some were hosted on Run The World platform and the others were on Zoom.

What is Power Automate?

Originally known as Microsoft Flow, Power Automate is an automation tool provided by Microsoft. It allows users to make quick productivity gains by automating repetitive and time consuming tasks.

Main features

Power Automate offers a wide selection of features and currently there are 3 key features of Power Automate.

  1. Automated/Instant/Scheduled flows
  2. Business Process Flows
  3. UI Flows for RPA


The following picture displays the landing page that users will be brought to. Users can navigate easily via the navigation menu on the left. …

In the 90s, German entrepreneur Hans Wall successfully received the management rights of Berlin’s public toilet and promised the citizens that they will be able to see free and clean public toilets in Berlin.

Many questioned him on his approach and asked how he was going to recover his money since he will not charge usage of the public toilets. In addition, there were also strict rules implemented by the government regarding the management of the public toilets in Berlin.

Undeterred, Hans Wall recruited designers from all over the world to design unique and interesting public toilets depending on the…

Before starting a tech role in a financial institution, i did not understand the importance of Batch file and Power shell in an organization that largely operates on Windows OS. As such, i hope that this article will help techies who are entering the workforce like me.

Without further ado, here are some quick commands for Batch file and Power shell in Windows that i wish i knew it existed before i started working.

  • Batch file (BAT)
  • Power shell

1. Search for user in Active Directory (Power shell)

$User = Get-ADUser -Identity $NTName

$NTName here refers to the logon name…

What is OneDrive?

Logo of Microsoft’s OneDrive

OneDrive is a file hosting service operated by Microsoft which allows users to upload and sync their files to the cloud.

Three Key features

  • File storage and sharing
  • Co-authoring for Office documents
  • Desktop synchronization


OneDrive is available on Windows on desktops, web browsers and mobile applications.

Using Tableau to display confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Singapore

Confirmed Cases In Singapore

As the Coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan spreads globally, almost everyone in Singapore has been following the news regarding this virus.

From a data perspective, i realized that there wasn’t much visibility on the spread and growth of the virus outbreak in Singapore. After googling for some time, i decided to create my own dashboard.

Quora Website


Originated from the Latin word “Quorum” which refers to a group of people who come together to try and reach a consensus. Quora is co-founded by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever in June 2009.

The Switch

In 2017, I switched from Facebook to Quora. Looking back now, I realized that it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. While Facebook is a great application to keep in contact with friends and families, part of me always felt that I was wasting my time scrolling through the news feed on Facebook.

After a series of events, I decided to…

While working on my tableau dashboard for Viz Games Singapore 2019, I thought I should write a review for Tableau after creating several dashboards in Tableau. My submission for Viz Games Singapore 2019 is regarding the National University of Singapore (NUS), which we can trace back its roots to Singapore’s first higher learning institution established in 1905. For those who are interested in my submission for Viz Games Singapore 2019, you may visit this link.

Ready-made charts in Tableau

After a conversation with the other GovTech interns about their experiences, I decided to consolidate a list of responses to our experience in GovTech.

From interns to interns

As most of the interns are ending their internship in August 2019, I decided to gather responses from different roles and teams (E.g. Software development, DevOps, Security, and Software Testing) to have a more holistic view of their internship experience in GovTech. I invited 9 other GovTech interns of 2019 to shed some light on their experiences in GovTech.


  • Russell — DevOps Engineer Intern
  • Jason and Samuel — Blockchain Developer Intern
  • Sandy — UI/UX Designer…


I write about new tech that i’ve been exploring recently. I believe in working hard, being kind and trust that amazing things will happen.

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